Visiting an Urgent Care Center Has 5 Main Benefits

urgent careWhen you are sick or injured, waiting several days to see a doctor can be too long. Yet, there are many times when your symptoms do not warrant a visit to the emergency room, but they are severe enough to make you miserable. Urgent care clinics help to bridge this gap by treating many common ailments, such as sprained ankles and strep throat, that are simply too important to wait. In addition to these services, you can enjoy the following benefits offered by urgent care centers in your area.

Convenient Hours
Taking time off from work or school is not always possible when you are sick. Unfortunately, the majority of doctors operate during normal business hours, which means getting seen for a health problem can cost valuable work time. Additionally, many health issues arise in the evenings or on weekends when it may not be possible to schedule an appointment with your family physician. The extended hours offered by urgent care centers mean that you can be seen at your convenience.

Ideal For Traveling
Finding a doctor when you are out of town can be hassle, especially when many physicians only see established patients. Yet, illnesses and injuries can happen even when you are on vacation. This is especially common for children who are more likely to get hurt when they are in unfamiliar territory. At an urgent care center, the doors are always open to new patients that may need care until they can return home.

Shorter Wait Times
Urgent care clinics make it a point to get their patients in and out of the office fast while still providing a high-level of care. Typically, several physicians are on staff along with a full team of nurses that can quickly assess your health condition and get you started on treatment. You can also call ahead or check online to find out the current wait time, and decide if it’s the best time of day for you to go in.

When you are sick, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost, but it is important to have affordable care. Emergency room bills can be exorbitant, and paying for services you do not need is not necessary. Urgent care clinic costs are comparable to your average family doctor or lab, and they take most types of insurance. If you are uninsured, then you can also benefit from a low flat rate for office visits. Since you will know what to expect ahead of time, you will be more comfortable knowing that you can afford the cost.

Comprehensive Care
After an injury, an accurate diagnosis is essential for the best chances for a full recovery. While some doctors may send you for outside diagnostic testing, urgent care clinics are stocked with x-ray machines and in-house labs that can ensure your doctor can find out exactly what is wrong. Emergencies are also not the only thing you can have treated in urgent care. Immunizations, gynecological care and school physicals are a few more services offered at the clinic.

Finding quality health care will make a big difference in your recovery, and it is important to avoid delaying care. By taking advantage of the full range of services offered by an urgent care center, you can be on your way to reclaiming your health and happiness within a short period of time.


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