Vaccinations at your Family Practice in Thousand Oaks

vaccine Between last year’s measles outbreak in Ventura County and this year’s recent infection at a local elementary school parents are encouraged to double check that their child is up-to-date on their immunizations with their family practice in Thousand Oaks. When it’s time for your child’s shot it’s normal to be a little apprehensive: after all no parent wants to see their child scared or in pain. Fortunately most vaccinations cause little more than a brief sting, and you can do many things before and during the appointment to calm your child’s fears.

Be Straightforward
It is important to prepare your child for their shot ahead of time, but you also want to avoid making the vaccination seem like a big deal. Tell your child that they will be getting an immunization to keep them from getting sick. If they ask if it will hurt be honest; however, you should emphasize that shots only hurt for a second. You can even use a timer to show them how brief a second actually lasts.

Visit a Familiar Doctor
When possible try to get your child’s vaccinations done at the same family practice in Thousand Oaks. This way, your child will already feel comfortable with the staff and be able to focus on staying calm. Visiting a kid-friendly doctor also means that the nurses and physician will know how to put your child at ease.

Provide Comfort
Most kids calm down instantly from the soothing touch of their parent. For young children, you may even be able to hold them in your lap until the vaccination is complete. Older children may prefer to bring a teddy bear, blanket or favorite music player to keep them occupied during the shot.

Use a Distraction
When the big moment comes, your child may prefer to look away, or they may want to watch. Either way, you can encourage them to take a deep breath to take their mind off of the sting. Simply have them take a deep breath before the shot, and exhale slowly until the pain goes away. Some nurses even use a brief joke or a silly song as a distraction during vaccinations.

With the consistent threat of disease vaccinations at your family practice in Thousand Oaks are an important way to keep your child healthy. Yet, it is sometimes the most dreaded part of a child’s yearly exam. Once your child sails through their shots, make sure to provide them with plenty of praise. This way, they will remember the positive parts of the experience and have more confidence the next time a shot is required.


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