Urgent Care X-Rays | A&P Urgent CareAdult & Pediatric Urgent Care proudly offers full digital X-ray suites in all of our facilities. Whether you’re facing a broken bone or pneumonia, we have the technology needed on site to diagnose, treat, and get you on your way.

Each of the Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care X-rays are reviewed 2 times, once by a board certified provider, and again by a board certified Radiologist, to make sure your diagnosis is accurate.

Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care offers x-rays at all of our locations.  We are available 7 days a week, without an appointment and with short wait times, to do x-rays with our in house X-ray machines to get you on your way.

Urgent Care X-Rays Available

  • Upper extremities: hand, wrist, arm, elbow
  • Lower extremities: foot, ankle, leg, knee
  • Chest/Lungs
  • Spine/Lumbar
  • Head & Neck
  • Pelvis/Abdominal