Corporate Care

Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care understands that a healthy employee is a productive employee.  And to help you maintain a healthy and productive workforce we have multiple services directed at improving the state of health and well being of your most valuable assets, your employees.

We offer onsite diagnostic laboratories, digital Xray suites, EKG, and pharmacies at each of our locations.  By expediting the diagnosis and treatment for your staff, we can get them healthy and back to work, faster.

Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care is able to treat lacerations, burns, fractures, sprains, as well as testing for drugs and alcohol at the time of injury, if desired.

As a concerned employer we understand you want to send your workers to the best Urgent Care, to receive the best care.  Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care encourages site visits to meet our staff and see our clean and modern medical facilities, that set the standard for Corporate Care.

If you plan on sending an employee, please download and complete our Employer Authorization for Treatment and Employee Information Forms, and have your employee bring them to our clinic.