Visiting an Urgent Care Center Has 5 Main Benefits

urgent careWhen you are sick or injured, waiting several days to see a doctor can be too long. Yet, there are many times when your symptoms do not warrant a visit to the emergency room, but they are severe enough to make you miserable. Urgent care clinics help to bridge this gap by treating many common ailments, such as sprained ankles and strep throat, that are simply too important to wait. In addition to these services, you can enjoy the following benefits offered by urgent care centers in your area.


Dietitians Share How They Get Back on Track After Overeating

healthy eatingEvery once in a while we are all guilty of over indulging. Sometimes it’s just a day, sometimes we are vacation and don’t stress about the food we consume while enjoying a vacation. After a period of time of overeating, it’s a good idea ┬áto get back on track. Here are some ways dietitians get back on track after overeating:


Virtual Doctors Visits May Not Be the Best for Urgent Care

virtual doctorsWith the advancement made in technology, we are starting to see more services being available over the internet. These services could be food delivery, shopping, and even a virtual doctor. However, according to Lisa Rapaport, a contributor writer for Reuters, virtual doctors may not be the best option for medical problems that require urgent care.

There was a study that consisted of 67 volunteers, to test eight different virtual doctors. The purpose of the study was to see if the virtual doctors could diagnose the medical problem correctly. The study found that 1 in 4 patients were diagnosed incorrectly.

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An Introduction to Urgent Care Clinics

urgent care An urgent care clinic is a faster and more affordable alternative to a traditional hospital. These clinics are appropriate for anything that isn’t serious enough to require a visit to the emergency room. Urgent care clinics are staffed by qualified physicians who are supported by nurses and various assistants, and while these facilities are usually not equipped to handle emergencies they are capable of treating moderately serious injuries like broken bones and lacerations. It is also possible to receive relatively minor preventive treatments at them too, like immunizations and lab tests.