Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs

Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs | A&P Urgent Care

Everyone should have a good family doctor that they can count on. A family practice can help you with a variety of medical needs including regular checkups, physicals, shots, and referrals. Since your health is valuable, use the following tips to ensure that you are visiting the right family practice.

Appointment Availability

When you are looking for a family doctor, make sure that they have appointments available. If you have to wait a month to see the family doctor, it might be best to find someone else. After all, you never know when you will need this doctor’s help. If you suddenly get sick, it is nice to have someone available to help you.

Flexible Hours

Another aspect to consider when it comes to appointments is the hours. Since life gets busy and you never know when sickness will come, it is a good idea to look for a practice with flexible hours. It might even be smart to choose an office that has nighttime appointments. When an office has flexibility with their hours, it will be easier to schedule your visits.

Ease of Prescriptions

If  you take medicine regularly or rely on it when you are sick, then look for a family practice that makes it easy to fill your prescriptions. You do not want to have to wait hours or days to get the medicine you need. This is why many offices have pharmacies on site.

Specialized Attention

Many people also like to go to family practices that offer specialized attention. For example, if you have young children, then it might be smart to find a pediatric doctor. In addition to this type of specialty, you can look for a practice that offers additional services besides the traditional sick visit. This way you can get checkups, physicals, and shots at the family practice.

If you are not sure what family practice to choose, consider your local urgent care. They are a useful resource for your medical needs.

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Energy Drinks Linked To Brain Injuries in Teens

Energy Drinks Linked To Brain Injuries in Teens | A&P Urgent Care

Energy drinks have been asscoaited with many adverse health effects. A study in Canada has found evidence that teens who drink energy drinks have a greater risk of a traumatic brain injury. This is very dangerous at this stage in life because a teenagers brain in still growing and developing. The study looked at 10,000 middle and high school students in 2013 who were asked how often they drink energy drinks and if they have experiences a TBI in their life or the past year. Children who drank energy drinks in th epast week havea 5x higher chance at having a TBI compared to children who did not drink energy drinks. Most of the childrens’ TBIs were caused during sport activity, so young athletes should definitely avoid these types of beverages.

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Can You Rest Too Much From a Concussion?

Can You Rest Too Much From a Concussion? | A&P Urgent Care

When a child has a concussion the normal advice given it to relax and rest for up to 6 days until symptoms such as headaches and dizziness subside. Dr. DiFazio has conducted research saying that this prolonged rest and lack of activity may actually be causing concussion symptoms to last longer. Taking this many days in a row of just rest removes kids from school and activities which makes readjusting more difficult. He suggests that children should rest for a few days and then gradually return to their normal activities, even sports, as long as there is no repetitive impacts.

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Health Tips for Children in School

Health Tips for Children in School | A&P Urgent Care

There are approximately 55 million children in schools this fall. Here are a few tips for parents to keep their children healthy in many aspects during this school year.

  1. Even though children can be picky about a backpack make sure you purchase on that is about the same size as their torso, they aren’t too heavy, and they use both straps to make sure their back is not under stress.
  2. Pack healthy lunches including starch, protein, fruit/vegetables, and a dairy food. Vary what they eat on a daily basis to ensure they are recieving various vitamins in their diet.
  3. Not enough sleep for a school-aged child can hurt their schoolwork but also their bodies. Children without the proper amount of sleep, 8-9 hours a night, are also at a higher risk for health problems.
  4. Using electronic devices should be limited to 2 hours a day and children should do other activities that challenge their mind and body.
  5. Children also need good role models that have good habits to help them stay healthy.

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Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough

Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough | A&P Urgent Care


The Femal Athlete Triad Syndrome has symptoms including low bone density, low energy, and irregular menstrual cycles. Doctors are realizing that this condition can occur not just in skinny women but in athletes of all body shapes. These young women exercise a lot but are not eating enough to refuel their bodies. Research says that these young teenage women, who are also still growing, need 3,500 calories a day.

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