Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Cold and Flu Survival Guide | A&P Urgent Care

On average an adult comes down with 2 or 3 colds each year and not recieving the annual flu vaccine puts you at risk for the flu as well. Here are a few tips to keep the colds away this winter.

1. Eat yogurt for breakfast to assist your digestive tract with probiotics

2. Open a window when someone at home is sick to circulate the air and get the germs out

3. Eat mushrooms to increase T cells and decrease inflammation

4. Not stand or sit by someone sneezing and coughing

5. Don’t touch your face

6. Sleep 7 hours a night

7. Use a Neti Pot to flush germ particles out of your sinuses

8. If you start feeling a cold coming take a Zinc lozenge

11. Tapping on your breast bone around the 3rd rib will release T cells to sttack germs in your bloodstream

12. Drink lots of fluids

13. If you think it is the flu get a prescription for Tamiflu as soon as possible

14. Eat Elderberry extract

15. Take probiotic supplements to recover faster and have less symptoms

16. Use a humidifier

17. Eat spicy food to clear your sinuses

18. Inhale essential oils

19. Don’t go to the gym when you are sick, if you want to workout go on a walk

20. Gargle salt water to kill bacteria in yout throat

21. Eat warm chicken soup to help your throat and white blood cells

22. Eat honey because it has antimicrobial elements and soothes sore throats

23. Eat a popscicle for a sore throat

24. Sit up as much as possible. Lying down collects mucus in your sinuses and chest and can lead to a secondary infection

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Obesity May Increase Risk for Alzheimer’s

Obesity May Increase Risk for Alzheimer's | A&P Urgent Care


Obesity can increase your risk of developing many diseases by scientist have found that obesity can affect if and how early you show signs of Alzheimers. They saw that the more weight you had at 50 the earlier Alzheimer’s started. Alzheimer’s disease is set to spike by 2050 and without a cure the best option is to be as healthy as possible to prevent the disease.

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4 Reasons to Get Regular Health Check Ups

4 Reasons to Get Regular Health Check Ups | A&P Urgent Care

Evaluating your health regularly is as important as routine car maintenance. Your life is arguably your most valuable asset. With a little time, money, and effort, you can take preventative healthcare measures to ensure that your body is running properly. If you have not visited the doctor lately for a check up, these four reasons may motivate you to schedule an appointment.

1 – Healthy People Get Sick

Even the healthiest people get sick from time to time. Sometimes you may be feeling good, but there could be underlying medical issues that need addressing. The sooner these issues are uncovered, the easier it will probably be to fight them. Also, if no problems are found, then you can have peace of mind about your health.

2 – Life is Constantly Changing

Everyone goes through different stages of life. Sometimes life changes can take a toll on your health. For example, if you have a lot of stress, you may be more prone to developing diseases. If you are too busy for exercise, your health may suffer. An annual health check up will allow you to better understand the state of your physical body. If adjustments are needed, you can implement them before your health worsens.

3 – Your Family Members Died Young

People whose family members died young should make it a priority to see the doctor regularly. Many conditions, including cancer, can be hereditary. If your family has a history of illness and/or early death, a health check up may allow you to prevent the development of diseases. In most cases, you will be able to increase your life expectancy.

4 – You Are Important

Every individual has worth and value. A health check up will provide you with a guide for protecting what is most important in your life – you. If you fail to see the doctor regularly, you may run out of time to save yourself from unfortunate ailments.

Schedule your health check up today. It will give you peace of mind and help you take action to improve your health.

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