5 Reasons to Skip the Hospital and Visit an Extended Hours Clinic

5 Reasons to Skip the Hospital and Visit an Extended Hours Clinic | A&P Urgent Care

When you are feeling sick and cannot get into the doctor, you might be considering a visit to the hospital. This is completely understandable because very few people like to wait in pain. While the hospital can help you with your needs, you also have the option of an extended hours clinic. Here are five reasons why the urgent care is a good idea.

1 – Nighttime Hours

Many people falsely assume that the only doctor available after hours is at the hospital. On the contrary, there are several doctors waiting to assist you at an urgent care. This facility is an extended hours clinic, and it is a great resource during the nighttime hours.

2 – No Appointment Necessary

Like a hospital, the extended hours clinic is a drop-in facility. If you have a terrible sore throat or a migraine, this facility can provide you with quick care. They will assess your problem and determine a solution that is best for your needs.

3 – Affordable Rates

Typically, urgent cares are more affordable than visiting the hospital. In fact, most people have lower out of pocket costs when they visit this type of facility. Even better, you can get the same care at an extended hours clinic.

4 – Tests On Site

Today’s extended hours clinics usually have the ability to perform x-rays or other tests. If you are wondering if your son broke his arm, they can evaluate him. Since everything can be done in one location, you will spend less time waiting. Instead, you can leave with feeling better.

5 – Fast Prescriptions

One of the top benefits of visiting an extended hours clinic is the fast prescription service. Most facilities have pharmacies on site, allowing them to quickly address your needs. You can return home with the right prescription instead of having to make another stop.

It is not surprising that so many people prefer urgent cares to hospitals. They provide a convenient and affordable solution to your medical needs. Visit one in your area the next time you get sick.

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Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs

Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs | A&P Urgent Care

Everyone should have a good family doctor that they can count on. A family practice can help you with a variety of medical needs including regular checkups, physicals, shots, and referrals. Since your health is valuable, use the following tips to ensure that you are visiting the right family practice.

Appointment Availability

When you are looking for a family doctor, make sure that they have appointments available. If you have to wait a month to see the family doctor, it might be best to find someone else. After all, you never know when you will need this doctor’s help. If you suddenly get sick, it is nice to have someone available to help you.

Flexible Hours

Another aspect to consider when it comes to appointments is the hours. Since life gets busy and you never know when sickness will come, it is a good idea to look for a practice with flexible hours. It might even be smart to choose an office that has nighttime appointments. When an office has flexibility with their hours, it will be easier to schedule your visits.

Ease of Prescriptions

If  you take medicine regularly or rely on it when you are sick, then look for a family practice that makes it easy to fill your prescriptions. You do not want to have to wait hours or days to get the medicine you need. This is why many offices have pharmacies on site.

Specialized Attention

Many people also like to go to family practices that offer specialized attention. For example, if you have young children, then it might be smart to find a pediatric doctor. In addition to this type of specialty, you can look for a practice that offers additional services besides the traditional sick visit. This way you can get checkups, physicals, and shots at the family practice.

If you are not sure what family practice to choose, consider your local urgent care. They are a useful resource for your medical needs.

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Flu Shot Facts

Flu Shot Facts | A&P Urgent Care

Flu season officially started last week and can last through March in some areas. You should get the Flu shot as early as you can because it take the body about two weeks to begin producing antibodies after the vaccine has been administered. You can go to any local pharmacy and sometimes your place of work will bring in a doctor to give Flu shots to keep their employees healthy. While most people that encounter the Flu will just require rest some people are more prone to complications. Pregnant women, the elderly, the young, and people with other health conditions such as asthma are at a increased risk and should recieve the Flu vaccine to guard against these issues. When you get a Flu vaccine you are not only protecting yourself but people around you as well, if you work with children under 6 months old you should get the vaccine to protect the children too. If needles are a scary thought for you there are new ways to reieve the vaccine. You can have a nasal spray, intradermally, or a cell-based vaccine.

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Humans May Be Able To Make Their Own Vaccines

Humans May Be Able To Make Their Own Vaccines | A&P Urgent Care

Scientists are reaserching a new type of vaccines that will cause the body to use it’s own cells to make the anitbodies faster therefore inproving their chances of being protected. Right now it takes about 9 months for our bodies to produce antibodies and some viruses mutate so fast we can not protect ourselves quick enough to be immune. Also, a virus can mutate before the vaccine is even given to the public like H1N1 in 2009. With the recent Ebola outbreak one American that survived donated his blood plasma to other Americans who were infected to give them blood that already had antibodies that knew how to fight Ebola. Doctors now want to use this method for other diseases. It will work by taking one persons blood that has fought of the said disease, picking out the strain of antibodies, copying them several times, and then injecting them into other people. This is more effective than traditional vaccines because it is almost instantly giving the body defense against the disease.

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Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic


Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic | A&P Urgent Care

Urgent cares and evening clinics are becoming increasingly popular today. When people get sick, an urgent care is one of the first places they consider for help. Why?  Evening clinics offer several unique advantages compared to traditional hospitals or doctors offices. If you are not using one, it may be time to start.


Compared to other alternatives, an evening clinic is particularly convenient. The average urgent care stays open much later than five o’clock. This makes them a go-to option during an emergency. In addition, many of people prefer to visit a doctor later in the day when they are not working. At an evening clinic, you can get shots, check-ups, and other medical services all day long.

Quicker Service

A lot of patients rave about the fast service available at an urgent care. Most people do not have to wait very long to receive medical attention. This same kind of attention can be hard to come by at your local hospital – especially if your condition is not life threatening.


Evening clinics are also known for being affordable. Whether you need a shot, a check up, or a prescription, you can get it at an affordable rate when you visit the evening clinic. Even better, many locations have pharmacies in house. This way you can avoid the hassle of visiting your pharmacy. The quicker you get your prescription, the sooner you will probably feel better.

Specialized Help

Another reason urgent cares are becoming so popular is because they provide specialized help. In fact, there are many evening clinics that focus on pediatrics. When your child gets sick, you do not have to wait for an appointment with his or her doctor. Instead, you can get the specialized attention you need at the local evening clinic.

The next time you need medical attention, it might be smart to visit an urgent care. The convenience, fast service, great prices, and specialized attention are just a few top reasons why so many people prefer this type of care.

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