Germs Spread Quickly in Hospitals

Germs Spread Quickly in Hospitals | A&P Urgent Care

Most people fear hospitals because of all the germs lingering in the air when you enter an emergency room. Dr. Marco-Felipe King from the UK created GIFs showing how quickly germs spread from person to person in a hospital room. He and his colleagues at the university of Leeds created  hospital rooms with 4 patients inside and released bacteria. They watched the bacteria travel several feet using tempeture seeking video. The biggest culprit and sending germs around the room was the ventilation system and how close an infectious patient was to the air vent. Another surprising discovery was that when doctors work with one patient in one room there are fewer germs on their hands as compared to one doctor treating multiple patients in one room. Infectious diseases spread easily and you should avoid entering a hospital unless absolutely necessary to not increase your risk of catching other illnesses.

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Best Childrens Hospitals for 2015-2016

Best Childrens Hospitals for 2015-2016 | A&P Urgent Care


U.S. News ranked the country’s best hospitals that excel in treating children in 10 different specialites. These are the 10 top out of 83 hospitals:

  1. Boston Children’s Hospital
  2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  3. Cinncinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  4. Texas Children’s Hospital Houston
  5. Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora
  6. Seattle Children’s Hospital
  7. children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  8. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC
  9. Nationwide Children’s Hospital , Columbus, Ohio
  10. Children’s National Medical Center, D.C.

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