How to Start Your Kids on a Healthy Lifestyle

childrens healthBeginning your children on the right path to a healthy lifestyle starts with the parents. The first step is limiting the amount of time your child is in front of a screen. This includes television, computer, iPad, tablets, and cell phones. If your child is in front of a screen, it is less likely they will be doing physical activities. It is important for children to begin physical activities at a young age so that when they grow up it will already be in their routine.


5 Signs That You Have Sleep Apnea

5 Signs That You Have Sleep Apnea Sleep is an extremely important part of our health. Sleep apnea is a disease that stops you from breathing while sleeping from 10 seconds to a minute. It’s a disease that can lead to more serious health problems. Sleep apnea is a disease that is hard to determine if you have it. You could think that you are sleeping through the night, but are still suffering from poor sleep because of sleep apnea. Here are some signs that could tell you you have sleep apnea.


Best and Worse Foods to Eat Before Going to Sleep

better sleepMissing out on a good nights sleep, can make the next day unbearable. If we don’t get enough sleep we are more likely to be cranky the next day and if we don’t get enough sleep over time it can also lead to weight gain. The amount of sleep we get can also depend on what we eat before our heads hit the pillow. Here are some of the best and worst foods to eat before sleep.


1. Something

2. Kiwi

3. Cherries

4. Cereal and Skim Milk

5. Bananas

6. Almonds

7. Spinach

8. Poultry

9. Low-Fat Yogurt and Granola

10. Peanut Butter on Whole Grain

11. Cottage Cheese

12. Passionflower Tea

13. Lemon Balm Tea

14. Valerian Tea

15. Hop Tea


1. Coffee and Soda

2. Chocolate

3. Alcohol

4. Fatty Foods

5. High-Sugar Cereals

6. Hot Peppers & Spicy Foods

7. A High Protein or High-Fat Dinner

8. Dried Fruit

9. Water

10. Pizza

11. Peppermint

12. Green Tea

13. Fries and Ketchup

14. Raw Onions

15. Too Much Food


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7 Steps for Better Sleep

better sleep We all have those nights were it seems almost impossible to fall asleep, no matter how tired we are. Sleep is very important. The right amount of sleep can keep us healthy and feeling good throughout the day. If you haven’t been in a good mood lately it may be because of the lack of sleep you’ve been getting. Here are some steps to take for better sleep.

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule
  2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink
  3. Create a bedtime ritual
  4. Get comfortable
  5. Limit daytime naps
  6. Include physical activity in your daily routine
  7. Manage stress

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