Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Cold and Flu Survival Guide | A&P Urgent Care

On average an adult comes down with 2 or 3 colds each year and not recieving the annual flu vaccine puts you at risk for the flu as well. Here are a few tips to keep the colds away this winter.

1. Eat yogurt for breakfast to assist your digestive tract with probiotics

2. Open a window when someone at home is sick to circulate the air and get the germs out

3. Eat mushrooms to increase T cells and decrease inflammation

4. Not stand or sit by someone sneezing and coughing

5. Don’t touch your face

6. Sleep 7 hours a night

7. Use a Neti Pot to flush germ particles out of your sinuses

8. If you start feeling a cold coming take a Zinc lozenge

11. Tapping on your breast bone around the 3rd rib will release T cells to sttack germs in your bloodstream

12. Drink lots of fluids

13. If you think it is the flu get a prescription for Tamiflu as soon as possible

14. Eat Elderberry extract

15. Take probiotic supplements to recover faster and have less symptoms

16. Use a humidifier

17. Eat spicy food to clear your sinuses

18. Inhale essential oils

19. Don’t go to the gym when you are sick, if you want to workout go on a walk

20. Gargle salt water to kill bacteria in yout throat

21. Eat warm chicken soup to help your throat and white blood cells

22. Eat honey because it has antimicrobial elements and soothes sore throats

23. Eat a popscicle for a sore throat

24. Sit up as much as possible. Lying down collects mucus in your sinuses and chest and can lead to a secondary infection

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Is a Deficiency Making You Tired?

Is a Deficiency Making You Tired? | A&P Urgent Care

Fatigue can be an early warning sign for many types of medical isues including several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The most common are Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, and Folic Acid. An Iron deficiency turns into Anemia and red blod cells can not carry adequate oxygen to the body. This is more common in women during Menstruation. Magnessium and Potassium can also cause fatigue but it is usually coupled with muscle pains and wekaness. A lack of B12 can turn into much more serious symptoms than fatigue because B12 is in the brain and spinal cord, a deficiency can cause inability to move and think clearly.

These deficiencies usually stem from restrictive diets which limit the variety of nutrients you allow into the body. For example removing carbohydrates from your diet significantly limits the amount of B vitamins you consume. The best advice to stay healthy if you re trying to lose weight is to consult your doctor or a nutritionist and eat a wide variety of foods in moderation.

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Health Tips for Children in School

Health Tips for Children in School | A&P Urgent Care

There are approximately 55 million children in schools this fall. Here are a few tips for parents to keep their children healthy in many aspects during this school year.

  1. Even though children can be picky about a backpack make sure you purchase on that is about the same size as their torso, they aren’t too heavy, and they use both straps to make sure their back is not under stress.
  2. Pack healthy lunches including starch, protein, fruit/vegetables, and a dairy food. Vary what they eat on a daily basis to ensure they are recieving various vitamins in their diet.
  3. Not enough sleep for a school-aged child can hurt their schoolwork but also their bodies. Children without the proper amount of sleep, 8-9 hours a night, are also at a higher risk for health problems.
  4. Using electronic devices should be limited to 2 hours a day and children should do other activities that challenge their mind and body.
  5. Children also need good role models that have good habits to help them stay healthy.

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Foods That Double as Medicine

vFoods That Double as Medicine | A&P Urgent Care


Healthy foods are great to keep your weight and your body in check but there is a growing trend in the healthcare industry to use food to prevent and treat common illness too. Here are 10 foods to stock in your kitchen for various illnesses instead of taking medication.

  1. Buckwheat Honey for coughs
  2. Pickled foods, like yogurt, for diarrhea
  3. Ginger for menstrual cramps
  4. Peppermint for Irrital Bowel Syndrome
  5. Hibiscus tea for high blood pressure
  6. Turmeric for arthritis
  7. Chia sees for high cholesterol
  8. Steel-cut oatmeal for high LDL cholesterol
  9. Beans for high blood sugar
  10. Salmon for inflammation

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Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough

Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough | A&P Urgent Care


The Femal Athlete Triad Syndrome has symptoms including low bone density, low energy, and irregular menstrual cycles. Doctors are realizing that this condition can occur not just in skinny women but in athletes of all body shapes. These young women exercise a lot but are not eating enough to refuel their bodies. Research says that these young teenage women, who are also still growing, need 3,500 calories a day.

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