Students Grow Their Own Food to Learn a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living The St. Joseph school district is partnering with Mosaic Life Care to teach students how to grow their own food. They teach children how to plant seeds, as well as plants that have already sprouted. As the plants grow, the students observe how the way that the plants grow and develop. The gardens are tended to over summer by faculty and staff, as well as some students. The ripened fruits and vegetables are gathered and replaced with plants that will thrive later in the year. Teaching students how to grow, and tend to plants that will later be their food is a start to a healthier lifestyle.

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Vaccinations at your Family Practice in Thousand Oaks

vaccine Between last year’s measles outbreak in Ventura County and this year’s recent infection at a local elementary school parents are encouraged to double check that their child is up-to-date on their immunizations with their family practice in Thousand Oaks. When it’s time for your child’s shot it’s normal to be a little apprehensive: after all no parent wants to see their child scared or in pain. Fortunately most vaccinations cause little more than a brief sting, and you can do many things before and during the appointment to calm your child’s fears.