Ways You Can Take Control of Your Health

America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. The obesity rates are also at an all time high right now. There is very little balance between work and living living life. People spend more time working, running errands, dealing with kids, which leads putting a healthy lifestyle on the back burner. So many people these days get in the mind set that if they eat healthy once a week they’re good. However a work-life balance is easily achievable. Here are some tips to take control of your health.


4 Ways to Be Healthier Than Most Americans

healthy lifestyleAccording to the USDA there are 4 key metrics that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. According to Erin Schumaker, a contributor writer for Hufftington Post, says that only 2.7 percent of Americans follow those 4 key metrics. If you want to be healthier than 97 percent of the United States follow these 4 tips:

  1. Quit smoking once and for all
  2. Start and keep an exercise routine
  3. Make your eating goals about health, not perfection
  4. Lower your body-fat percentage with regular exercise

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Your Heart and Cholesterol

Your Heart and Cholesterol | A&P Urgent Care

Cholestrol has recieves a bad reputation in the last few years with Heart Disease on the rise, but there is also good cholestrol in your body. There are two types of Cholestrol, Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)  and High density Lipoprotieins (HDL). LDLs are the bad kind which clog up your arteries and slow blood flow. HDLs  are the good kind of cholosterol and they break down build up og LDLs and carry them to your Liver to be disposed of. There are a few lifestyle changes that can control to keep your cholestrerol levels healthy.

  1. Limit Triglycerides
  2. Stop Smoking
  3. Lower Blood Pressure
  4. Slimmer Waist Size
  5. Increase Physical Activity
  6. Diabetes

Factors that you can not control are:

  1. Men have a greater chance for heart attacks when they are young and women are after menopause
  2. Greater risj over 65
  3. African-Americans, Native Americans, and Mexican Americans as well as some Asian Americans have greater risk than Causcasians.
  4. If your grandparents had heart disease you are a t a greater risk.

Though you can not change any of the above factors you can make the lifestly changes necessary to limit your risk of getting heart disease.

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10 Facts About Metabolism

10 Facts About Metabolism | A&P Urgent Care

Your metabolism is the processes that turn your bodys food into energy. That’s why some people say ‘I have a fast metabolism’, because they can easily keep a normal weight since their body converts food to energy quickly and does not store it in the body. Here’s 10 facts about metabolism and how to make yours faster.

  1. Your RMR, Resting Metabolic Rate, is how many calories your body burns when you are just sitting. You can figure out your RMR with you doctor.
  2. Adding lean protein, like chicken and fish, throughout your day can raise your RMR.
  3. Stay away from simple carbs because they increase insulin production telling your body to hold on to fat and decrease your metabolism.
  4. Increasing your muscle mass through strength training can increase you RMR by 5%.
  5. Men have higher metabolic rates because they have more muscle mass and testoterone.
  6. Menopause decreases womens’ metabolic rate.
  7. Health conditions, like hypothyroidism, can make it harder to lose weight because the hormones to burn energy are lacking in the body. If you think this may be affecting you talk to your doctor.
  8. Don’t skip meals and eat throughout the day instead. If you skip breakfast and then eat a big dinner there is a large insulin response which slows your metabolic rate.
  9. A lack of Vitamin D can increase the risk of obesity.
  10. A healthy metabolism can positively affect all aspects of your life. “The same hormones that affect our physical health, control mood, hunger, sex drive, and ability to cope with stress,” says Dr. Quebbemann.

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Can You Rest Too Much From a Concussion?

Can You Rest Too Much From a Concussion? | A&P Urgent Care

When a child has a concussion the normal advice given it to relax and rest for up to 6 days until symptoms such as headaches and dizziness subside. Dr. DiFazio has conducted research saying that this prolonged rest and lack of activity may actually be causing concussion symptoms to last longer. Taking this many days in a row of just rest removes kids from school and activities which makes readjusting more difficult. He suggests that children should rest for a few days and then gradually return to their normal activities, even sports, as long as there is no repetitive impacts.

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