8 Things ER Doctors Refuse to Have in Their Home

emergency clinicPhysicians who work in the emergency room, see all kinds of crazy stuff. The things they see could be painful injuries for adults and kids, and they can also see health emergencies such as: a heart attack or stroke. Because emergency room physicians see all types of injuries, they know how to how to prevent them. Here are 8 things ER doctors refuse to keep in their home to prevent injuries.


5 Life-Saving Emergency Tips You Should Know

emergency tipsEmergencies can happen at any time. When they do happen they are usually unexpected and can catch us off guard. Because emergencies are so unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to know some emergency tips so you can do what you can to help. Knowing some emergency tips could possibly help save someones life. Dr. Darria Lon Gillespie, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post says, “I’ve seen countless patients whose lives were saved by quick-thinking and knowledgeable bystander or loved one. Here are the top 5 emergency tips Dr. Gillespie recommends everyone should know.

1. Learn CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

2. Stop bleeding safely

3. Do NOT move an injured person

4. Know ┬áthe “back blow” maneuver for choking

5. Keep aspirin on hand

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