Energy Drinks Linked To Brain Injuries in Teens

Energy Drinks Linked To Brain Injuries in Teens | A&P Urgent Care

Energy drinks have been asscoaited with many adverse health effects. A study in Canada has found evidence that teens who drink energy drinks have a greater risk of a traumatic brain injury. This is very dangerous at this stage in life because a teenagers brain in still growing and developing. The study looked at 10,000 middle and high school students in 2013 who were asked how often they drink energy drinks and if they have experiences a TBI in their life or the past year. Children who drank energy drinks in th epast week havea 5x higher chance at having a TBI compared to children who did not drink energy drinks. Most of the childrens’ TBIs were caused during sport activity, so young athletes should definitely avoid these types of beverages.

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Forest Fires Affecting Children’s Respiratory Health

Forest Fires Affecting Children's Respiratory Health  | A&P Urgent Care


In July of 2012 there were two large wild fires burning close to Valencia, Spain at the same time. Researchers from the  Joint Research Unit in Epidemiology and Environmental Health wanted to find out what effect these fires had on children in the area. Parents were interviewd over the phone about how close the fire, smoke, and ash was to their homes. Children were 3x likely to experience itchy eyes and sore throats when they were exposed to smoke and children with preexisting asthma or rhinitis experienced the greatest reaction.

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Spike in Children Consuming Hand Sanitizer

Spike in Children Consuming Hand Sanitizer  | A&P Urgent Care

This week a 6 year old girl was hopitalized after eating 3-4 squirts of  hand sanitizer and a blood alcohol content of .179, twice the adult limit. Hand sanitizer can be up to 95% alcohol and the about 1 ounce the girl drank was approximately equivilent to three shots of tequila. Poison Control says that calls regarding hand sanitizer have jumped dramtically from 3,266 in 2010 to 16,117 in 2014.  The new scented hand sanitizers smell appealing to small children who do not know that it is extremely dangerous to injest.

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Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic


Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic | A&P Urgent Care

Urgent cares and evening clinics are becoming increasingly popular today. When people get sick, an urgent care is one of the first places they consider for help. Why?  Evening clinics offer several unique advantages compared to traditional hospitals or doctors offices. If you are not using one, it may be time to start.


Compared to other alternatives, an evening clinic is particularly convenient. The average urgent care stays open much later than five o’clock. This makes them a go-to option during an emergency. In addition, many of people prefer to visit a doctor later in the day when they are not working. At an evening clinic, you can get shots, check-ups, and other medical services all day long.

Quicker Service

A lot of patients rave about the fast service available at an urgent care. Most people do not have to wait very long to receive medical attention. This same kind of attention can be hard to come by at your local hospital – especially if your condition is not life threatening.


Evening clinics are also known for being affordable. Whether you need a shot, a check up, or a prescription, you can get it at an affordable rate when you visit the evening clinic. Even better, many locations have pharmacies in house. This way you can avoid the hassle of visiting your pharmacy. The quicker you get your prescription, the sooner you will probably feel better.

Specialized Help

Another reason urgent cares are becoming so popular is because they provide specialized help. In fact, there are many evening clinics that focus on pediatrics. When your child gets sick, you do not have to wait for an appointment with his or her doctor. Instead, you can get the specialized attention you need at the local evening clinic.

The next time you need medical attention, it might be smart to visit an urgent care. The convenience, fast service, great prices, and specialized attention are just a few top reasons why so many people prefer this type of care.

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Health Tips for Children in School

Health Tips for Children in School | A&P Urgent Care

There are approximately 55 million children in schools this fall. Here are a few tips for parents to keep their children healthy in many aspects during this school year.

  1. Even though children can be picky about a backpack make sure you purchase on that is about the same size as their torso, they aren’t too heavy, and they use both straps to make sure their back is not under stress.
  2. Pack healthy lunches including starch, protein, fruit/vegetables, and a dairy food. Vary what they eat on a daily basis to ensure they are recieving various vitamins in their diet.
  3. Not enough sleep for a school-aged child can hurt their schoolwork but also their bodies. Children without the proper amount of sleep, 8-9 hours a night, are also at a higher risk for health problems.
  4. Using electronic devices should be limited to 2 hours a day and children should do other activities that challenge their mind and body.
  5. Children also need good role models that have good habits to help them stay healthy.

Click here to read the full article by James Mcintosh on Medical News Today.