Humans May Be Able To Make Their Own Vaccines

Humans May Be Able To Make Their Own Vaccines | A&P Urgent Care

Scientists are reaserching a new type of vaccines that will cause the body to use it’s own cells to make the anitbodies faster therefore inproving their chances of being protected. Right now it takes about 9 months for our bodies to produce antibodies and some viruses mutate so fast we can not protect ourselves quick enough to be immune. Also, a virus can mutate before the vaccine is even given to the public like H1N1 in 2009. With the recent Ebola outbreak one American that survived donated his blood plasma to other Americans who were infected to give them blood that already had antibodies that knew how to fight Ebola. Doctors now want to use this method for other diseases. It will work by taking one persons blood that has fought of the said disease, picking out the strain of antibodies, copying them several times, and then injecting them into other people. This is more effective than traditional vaccines because it is almost instantly giving the body defense against the disease.

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