Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs

Finding the Right Family Practice for Your Medical Needs | A&P Urgent Care

Everyone should have a good family doctor that they can count on. A family practice can help you with a variety of medical needs including regular checkups, physicals, shots, and referrals. Since your health is valuable, use the following tips to ensure that you are visiting the right family practice.

Appointment Availability

When you are looking for a family doctor, make sure that they have appointments available. If you have to wait a month to see the family doctor, it might be best to find someone else. After all, you never know when you will need this doctor’s help. If you suddenly get sick, it is nice to have someone available to help you.

Flexible Hours

Another aspect to consider when it comes to appointments is the hours. Since life gets busy and you never know when sickness will come, it is a good idea to look for a practice with flexible hours. It might even be smart to choose an office that has nighttime appointments. When an office has flexibility with their hours, it will be easier to schedule your visits.

Ease of Prescriptions

If  you take medicine regularly or rely on it when you are sick, then look for a family practice that makes it easy to fill your prescriptions. You do not want to have to wait hours or days to get the medicine you need. This is why many offices have pharmacies on site.

Specialized Attention

Many people also like to go to family practices that offer specialized attention. For example, if you have young children, then it might be smart to find a pediatric doctor. In addition to this type of specialty, you can look for a practice that offers additional services besides the traditional sick visit. This way you can get checkups, physicals, and shots at the family practice.

If you are not sure what family practice to choose, consider your local urgent care. They are a useful resource for your medical needs.

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Why It Is Smart to Get Your X-Rays at an Urgent Care

Why It Is Smart to Get Your X-Rays at an Urgent Care | A&P Urgent Care

X-rays are preformed daily by doctors around the country. This procedure can help doctors diagnose problems and recommend the proper remedy. If you need an x-ray, it might be smart to visit your local urgent care. This is a great resource during emergencies or accidents.

Fast Response

If you visit a hospital to get an x-ray, you may experience long wait times. This can happen because hospitals have a large amount of patients to care for. Also, if someone comes in with a life-threatening condition, your x-ray will probably not be a priority. At an urgent care, wait times are shorter. This means you can get the x-ray you need quicker.

On Site Testing

When you visit a typical doctor’s office, they might not have the capability to perform tests on site. In this scenario, you would be referred to a technician’s office. At the urgent care, they have the tools to perform x-rays much like a hospital. This makes it the convenient option for your needs.

Quick Results

Most of the time, an urgent care can provide you with quick results from your x-rays. Patients at the hospital do not always receive the same service. If you were to visit a technician, you might have to wait for the doctor to read the results. When you are in pain, these quick results matter.

Affordable Fees

Urgent cares are known for their affordable fees. Compared to the hospital, they are a cost-effective option to treat your medical concerns. Since it is hard to budget for the unexpected x-ray, it makes sense to visit the urgent care.

Flexible Hours

Finally, the urgent care offers flexible hours. If you cannot come during the morning, they are open after dinner.

The next time you are worried about a possible broken bone, visit the urgent care. You will receive quick, effective service and the x-ray you are in need of. It is not surprising that so many people prefer this option for care.

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Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic


Why More and More People Are Relying on an Evening Clinic | A&P Urgent Care

Urgent cares and evening clinics are becoming increasingly popular today. When people get sick, an urgent care is one of the first places they consider for help. Why?  Evening clinics offer several unique advantages compared to traditional hospitals or doctors offices. If you are not using one, it may be time to start.


Compared to other alternatives, an evening clinic is particularly convenient. The average urgent care stays open much later than five o’clock. This makes them a go-to option during an emergency. In addition, many of people prefer to visit a doctor later in the day when they are not working. At an evening clinic, you can get shots, check-ups, and other medical services all day long.

Quicker Service

A lot of patients rave about the fast service available at an urgent care. Most people do not have to wait very long to receive medical attention. This same kind of attention can be hard to come by at your local hospital – especially if your condition is not life threatening.


Evening clinics are also known for being affordable. Whether you need a shot, a check up, or a prescription, you can get it at an affordable rate when you visit the evening clinic. Even better, many locations have pharmacies in house. This way you can avoid the hassle of visiting your pharmacy. The quicker you get your prescription, the sooner you will probably feel better.

Specialized Help

Another reason urgent cares are becoming so popular is because they provide specialized help. In fact, there are many evening clinics that focus on pediatrics. When your child gets sick, you do not have to wait for an appointment with his or her doctor. Instead, you can get the specialized attention you need at the local evening clinic.

The next time you need medical attention, it might be smart to visit an urgent care. The convenience, fast service, great prices, and specialized attention are just a few top reasons why so many people prefer this type of care.

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Safety First, But a Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Can Be Second

Safety First, But a Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Can Be Second | A&P Urgent Care

School is back in session and the summer fun has started winding down—or so it may seem. With the cold winter months still ahead of us, many people see summer as a vacation from sickness and malady, but an increase in outdoor activity can also mean an increased risk in pediatric illness and injuries. Common summertime ailments do not wait for office hours or until after the holiday, but pediatric urgent care clinics can provide medical services for the following non life-threatening popular summertime injuries and illnesses, so that your family’s summertime fun can get back on track.

Minor Burns

The summer sun offers sunburns galore, families are camping and having cookouts, and fireworks are a temptation that many kids just cannot resist. The risk for minor burns to children increases in the summer because more time is spent outside, fire pits and grills are used more frequently, and fireworks are available in abundance. To avoid minor burns, always put sunscreen on children before they go outside or in the pool, and remember to re-apply throughout the day. Teach kids proper fire and firework safety, and supervise them closely when they are near fires, open grills, and when they are near or handling fireworks.

Minor Physical Injuries

Jumping on the trampoline, rollerblading, biking and hiking, playing soccer and football, and all other outdoor physical activity can mean that kids are at a higher risk for minor injuries, such as broken bones and sprains. Make sure that children always wear the necessary protective gear for each activity, and emphasize the importance of wearing a helmet. Trampolines should only have one child jumping at a time, and make sure to enforce the rules in order to avoid concussions, collisions, or other painful injuries.

Remember to put safety first, but if there is an illness or injury, a walk-in clinic can provide the pediatric urgent care your kids need. With the quality care they receive, they will be back on their feet and enjoying their summer vacation in no time.

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Choose an Extended Hours Clinic For Your Non-Emergency Healthcare Needs

Extended Hours Clinic | A&P Urgent Care

Maybe you are not sure if that stomachache is just a stomachache, or if that side pain could be a sign of something more serious. Perhaps your usual doctor is unavailable or it is after hours, and you would like to know what is going on now. A visit to the emergency room for non-emergency care can mean long wait times and an expensive bill, only to be told that you have simple gas pains or indigestion. By choosing to visit an extended hours clinic, you can find out if that stomachache is just a simple stomachache—or something more serious—for far less time and much less money than an emergency room visit, and it can be done on your schedule.


Urgent care services typically cost the same as a visit to the doctor’s office, and clinics also accept many different health insurance options. A visit to an extended hours clinic is substantially cheaper than an emergency room visit, even for individuals who do not have health insurance, as an emergency room visit usually costs hundreds of dollars.


Trying to get an appointment with a family physician or a fully booked doctor could mean that you have to wait weeks or even months just to be seen. This is simply not feasible when you or someone in your family is ill and needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. An extended hours clinic has more flexible hours as well as shorter wait times than most doctor’s offices or emergency rooms, and when you don’t have to wait for medical assistance, you can be on the road to recovery sooner.

Health Prevention and Maintenance

Basic illnesses and minor injuries can often lead to more serious health issues if left untreated. Being able to visit a walk-in clinic means that patients can manage their health immediately, and not let being sick turn into something more severe.

If you need health services immediately, but it is not severe enough to prompt a visit to the emergency room, then a walk-in clinic can be there to help you.

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