Summer Safety Tips for Children

summer safetySummer is just a couple of months away, and it usually a child’s favorite time of the year. School is over and it’s time for some fun in the sun. Children love the summer because it’s the time of the year when you can spend lots time outdoors. With all the time spent outdoors, there are some potential dangers that accompany the summer months. Here are some tips for parents to keep their children safe during the summer.

  1. Protect children from tick bites by having them where long sleeve and pants or insect repellent
  2. Make sure your child is wearing a helmet when riding a bike
  3. Teach children how to cross the streets safely
  4. Make sure an adult is present at all times when kids are in the pool
  5. Protect children’s skin from the sun
  6. Be aware of poison ivy, oak and sumac
  7. Keep a summer first aid kit
  8. Stay dehydrated and know the signs of being over heated
  9. Keep kids safe around the grill

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