Receive Fast Care at a Weekend Clinic

weekend clinicIf you cut a finger or sprain a wrist on the weekend, then you require fast medical care. Going to a hospital’s emergency room is expensive, and you may need to wait for hours to receive a treatment that requires only 30 minutes. Emergency rooms must triage patients, and your sprained wrist or small laceration is probably not considered life-threatening. Your physician’s office is not open until Monday, but you need an examination today to determine if you need stitches for your cut or a brace for a sprain. The best solution is finding a weekend clinic that offers immediate service from professional medical staff.

Request Routine Immunizations 
A weekend clinic is designed for ambulatory care, but if you feel that someone has a dire medical emergency, then call paramedics immediately for assistance. A weekend walk-in clinic will meet these criteria:

• Provide services seven days a week
• Have one or more licensed physicians as a director
• Offer on-site diagnostics with X-ray machines and laboratory equipment
• Perform minor medical procedures
• Have multiple clean examination rooms
• Meet the ethical and business standards required in a region

Today, there are more than 10,000 weekend clinics in the United States that provide occasional or frequent care for a particular patient. In addition to providing urgent care for patients, it is possible to receive routine care such as immunizations for tetanus or influenza. An individual can also request a physical examination that is required for school or work at a weekend clinic.

Weekend Clinics Have Professional Staff
In most cases, a physician is available on a 24-hour basis at a weekend clinic, but there are additional medical personnel available, including:

• Medical assistants
• Physician assistants
• Registered nurses
• Laboratory technicians

The care that you receive at a weekend clinic is more affordable, and the office staff will bill your medical insurance provider for services. If an examination from a physician reveals that you have an injury or illness that requires specialized care, then the medical staff will contact emergency responders to transfer you to the appropriate hospital.


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