Dietitians Share How They Get Back on Track After Overeating

healthy eatingEvery once in a while we are all guilty of over indulging. Sometimes it’s just a day, sometimes we are vacation and don’t stress about the food we consume while enjoying a vacation. After a period of time of overeating, it’s a good idea ┬áto get back on track. Here are some ways dietitians get back on track after overeating:

  1. Grab a friend for a workout
  2. Remember how great healthy food really is
  3. commit to a quick rebound
  4. Realize it’s really no big deal
  5. Focus on water
  6. Don’t judge yourself
  7. Load your plate with plants
  8. Check in with your body
  9. Figure out the real issue at hand
  10. Don’t push yourself down
  11. Pretend nothing happened
  12. Go for flavorful water and a high-protein breakfast
  13. Get plenty of fiber
  14. Don’t withhold food
  15. Understand the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle
  16. And don’t let it spiral into an actual unhealthy lifestyle

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