If You Have Asthma, This Device Could Save Your Life!

asthma deviceIt is scary to not know when an asthma attack is going to happen. Asthma can hold you back from so many activities in the fear that an attack might occur. Thankfully, a device is being created to be able to detect an attack before it happens! An article by Ryan F. Mandelbaum on Popular Science.com introduces this device and explains how it is going to work. The device is called a Health Environment Tracker, or HET for short. It is a 3 part system that together will collect data about the ozone levels, as well as volatile organic compounds that can worsen asthma attacks.


The End To Malaria Might Be In Our Future

vaccine for malaria There might soon be a vaccine to protect our immune systems from malaria. According to an article by Meera Senthilingam at CNN.com, “From his extensive laboratory on the leafy campuses of the University of Oxford, Professor Adrian Hill is conjuring up a formula to protect us from disease”. This formula that he is creating has the potential to protect against many harmful diseases including HIV. In addition the testing for this vaccine has been tested on not just animals, but on humans as well.


Using the Internet for Medical Information

internet use for medical informationThe internet can be used to find out information on just about anything. There was a study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, that researches the percentage of people who have used the internet for health information. In this study they looked at the participants who have shared the information they found online with their doctor, verses those who have not. They found that the information shared with doctors to be of higher quality.


Insomnia is in Your Genes

Insomnia is in Your Genes | A&P Urgent Care

About 30% of adults voice that insomnia affects their life. Using 7,500 twins to determine if insomnia can stem from your genes doctors found that it is located in our DNA and more women contain the gene than men. Their results suggest that the genetic component is a great indicator to insomnia but environmental causes are what trigger insomnia because the condition does not “run in families” like most genetic conditions. This gene may also be able to turn on an off through life. This research is already being used to link insomnia to other coditions such as depression and alcohol use.

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Germs Spread Quickly in Hospitals

Germs Spread Quickly in Hospitals | A&P Urgent Care

Most people fear hospitals because of all the germs lingering in the air when you enter an emergency room. Dr. Marco-Felipe King from the UK created GIFs showing how quickly germs spread from person to person in a hospital room. He and his colleagues at the university of Leeds created  hospital rooms with 4 patients inside and released bacteria. They watched the bacteria travel several feet using tempeture seeking video. The biggest culprit and sending germs around the room was the ventilation system and how close an infectious patient was to the air vent. Another surprising discovery was that when doctors work with one patient in one room there are fewer germs on their hands as compared to one doctor treating multiple patients in one room. Infectious diseases spread easily and you should avoid entering a hospital unless absolutely necessary to not increase your risk of catching other illnesses.

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