Benefits of Going to an Urgent Care Facility

urgent care facility During cold and flu season, many parents can relate to having a sick child that needs to be seen by a doctor but not being able to get an appointment with their regular pediatrician due to lack of availability. Because of this, many people choose to go to an urgent care facility when their own doctor isn’t available.

What is Urgent Care?

An urgent care facility provides many of the same services that a doctor’s office or emergency room provides. Facilities often have hours that extend beyond a typical doctor’s office. Additionally, some urgent care facilities also offer labs, x-rays and pharmacies, which allows for treatment and care to happen in one step.

Benefits of Going to Urgent Care

There are a variety of benefits of visiting an urgent care when you or a family member are sick or injured. These benefits include:

  • Shorter wait times than emergency rooms.
  • Extended hours allow visits to happen after work and school.
  • Typically costs less than an emergency room visit.
  • Highly-qualified doctors and nurses that examine and care for each patient.

Selecting an Urgent Care for Your Primary Physician Needs

Though many people choose to visit an urgent care during an illness or injury, many urgent care facilities offer preventative care, treatment and immunizations. Because of the extended hours available, many people choose to visit an urgent care for their primary physician needs.

Who Shouldn’t Visit an Urgent Care?

If there is a life-threatening emergency, always contact 911 and go to the nearest hospital in order to receive treatment. Major injuries should also be seen at the nearest emergency room. Additionally, infants who have fevers or young children with injuries may need to be seen by the doctors at the hospital. Call the urgent care facility ahead of time if your baby is injured or ill to ensure they have the proper equipment to care for young children.

It’s never easy to have a sick child or family member. Going to an urgent care facility can help to relieve some of this stress by helping you or your loved ones get the care you need when it’s needed.


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